The Bower Birds

STROKE Art Show 2015 - Munich Germany
it was a great pleasure to be invited to show work at this exhibition/art fair
i only ended up having a few weeks to prep for the event so decided to show sketches, paintings, type and digital works

i worked alongside 3 other artists from Germany and the Canaries to produce a body of work loosely based around a collaborative tie- using ONLY the colour blue

this was unnerving for me as i oftern work in black and white-  and so with limited time i decided to look for inspiration from my usual places of interest - biology,  geology,  nature, psychology ,  quotes, music and generally anything that came to mind whilst looking in these places

i had been reading a book called 'The Survival of The Beautiful' about Darwin's second theory of evolution. He realised there was another reason for evolution and how in some species the female didn't always choose the strongest fittest most aggressive male but were choosing by beauty and attraction. Think of the peacock and its incredibly complex decorative tail . The females chose their mate by the beauty of their tails and over time they developed not that agile, easy to spot by prey and not particularly strong - not for any other purpose then to attract a mate. It brought me to the curious bower birds , in particular one type - the satin bowerbird who builds complex artistic sculptures and collects only blue items to impress his gal.

i created a series of illustrations to be very different in subject but tied together about the courting process, anxieties about love,sharing, fear of attachment, fear of rejection, loneliness and how we can loose ourselves to the perpetual human process of not wanting to be alone.


iv really enjoyed exhibiting at munich germany this year .
its a city i never thought id have time to visit, let alone twice
and feel lucky to have been invited to 2 great shows and to be able to meet and learn from wonderful people iv met along the way

the first one- i was invited to draw live art for 5 days at  ISPO MUNICH in the winter 2015 -
the biggest trade show for all sports outdoors lifestyle and industry inovations.
for me it was the first time i had been to a city in years, and alone. Unbelievably daunting for the regular hobbit that i am, and with over 15,000 it was a challenge but thoroughly enjoyable and a priceless experience to have my own exhibition space alongside artists Miguel Panadero Escala, Rafa Moreno-Tapia and Ray Moore.


snips of the south

So i took some time out of a very busy schedule (probably at the wrong time) so i took a ...very long drive with the hound to get away from it all.
Hiding out in the south west of france was good to have a moment to breathe indulge in some good food and sun - and begin some new work .

A few new ink'd up pieces 

i enjoy sinking works into dark scruffy,tidy, printed, written and taking it away from 2d- looking forward to experimenting with new textures and materials in the next month to create some larger pieces of work.

coming up...some images from my latest exhibition in an interesting space i hung just before France.


the last two months have been great for diverse little projects -

i was asked by the fabulous marcus from The Bike Shed to create artwork for the new Bike Shed Cafe - specialising in Bagels , the best coffee, gluten free /dairy free cakes, and all round good vibes
we started off with drawing up some chalk boards and the new artworks will be coming soon

had a lot of fun drawing up otters for new packaging with the fantastic boom kitchen curry guys working with friendly and kind dynamic types to create something simple and fun -

they will be out soon and cant wait to see them in stores - getting to draw Freddie Mercury as an otter is a definite highlight


took some time off for some time out
before heading to munich i went to sri lanka for january with my bf
super hot , we had good waves, amazing fruit , food, sunshine, mountains and the blissfull indian ocean
it was definatly not a relaxing trip always here and there long drives with lots of noise, smells colour and nature.
but good times were had